The desire to adventure is inside all of us. Whether or not we act on it, there's always that little spark, itching to go out and do something nuts. I love this spark. It's what pushed me to travel around the world, experience new things, and to keep challenging myself. Fitness is the same way. We all have the spark, but not everyone feels able to make it grow into a raging fire.

The problem I've seen is that most fitness and wellness programs are not meant to be sustainable. Not only do they focus on a short term fix (a 3 month muscle program is not a solution for the rest of your life), but they neglect to account for the other things that may affect your personal situation. Living on the road, being a parent, recovering from psychological injury; all of these things are common in today's busy world. The problem is WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR EVERYTHING. But we train because we want the most from our time. Jungle Strength is designed to facilitate health, wellness, and sports/adventure travel practices that help sustain the mind as well as the body, no matter what your schedule is. 

​Why "Sustainable" Fitness?

When our work takes us out of the office and interacting with a wider range of experiences and challenges, we are more naturally inclined to activities that involve movement (an object, outdoors and in motion, tends to stay outdoors and in motion). The same is true for a sedentary lifestyle. Habits are the most powerful tool in your arsenal, but they can be dangerous when not properly managed. Without healthy habits, you run a significantly higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD), metabolic syndrome (generally identified as a compilation of various metabolic issues like obesity or high blood pressure), and the most dangerous of all, getting really fucking bored. Of course, as you grow and change, you find new interests, and slowly figure out how to "streamline" your hobbies to fit in with your busy life. We all have to! Here, we’ve scoped out some of the best resources in the sustainable fitness world for you to help construct your very own personalized, sustainable, life-long fitness journey.

As sustainable as nature may sound like a broad, heady concept, but it is surprisingly easy to accomplish. Surrounded by modern technology, we tend to forget that each day we attempt to specialize our minds in pursuit of our career, we are also specializing our bodies and spirits to best serve that environment.

No matter where you’re coming from, we're here to help you get where you want to go, and make the changes you want to make to connect with your wild side. A new world of adventure is waiting for you!